The Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes’ Wildlife Management Program is pleased to announce our 2016 International Migratory Bird Day celebrations.  This year’s theme is “Spread your Wings for Bird conservation”. International Migratory Bird Day is an annual celebration to highlight the migration and conservation of the nearly 350 species of birds that travel between northern nesting habitats and southern wintering grounds.

The Wildlife Management Program would like to offer a presentation for 3rd grade classes on the Flathead Indian Reservation to learn more about migratory birds.  Please see biologist contact for schools on the following page and call or email for scheduling.  

In 2002, our International Migratory Bird Day celebrations began as a 3rd grade migratory bird poster contest, including 3rd grade classes from both public and private reservation schools.  Each year since, we have continued to educate the students about migratory birds and have given them the opportunity to celebrate International Migratory Bird Day with us through this poster art contest.  This year we will be including a new media arts category where students may submit art outside of the traditional poster medium.  

This year is an exceptionally exciting year to celebrate, as we are celebrating 100 years of migratory bird conservation; marking the convention between the US and Great Britain (on behalf of Canada) for the protection of migrating birds through the Migratory Bird Treaty.  Since August 1916, the treaty has expanded to include Mexico, Russia and Japan.  Visit the fish and wildlife service link below to learn more about this and other influential bird conservation treaties.  


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